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About Me
Ever wonder why your parents allowed you to live? I do my mom must be a saint.
   I was one of those kids who rebelled against everything.
       I made life awful rough for myself.
I was born and raised for 13 years on a farm in Mississippi, in a place called Sullivan's Hollow, Raleigh, Miss. in Smith Co.
I was raised mostly by my Grandparents Sam and Julia Gregory,I miss them very much today but know they are in a better place.

All I remember about my mom and dad living together was fighting.
My dad was a drunk and very mean to my mom.

      She finally left and I choose to stay with my Grandparents and my dad.I did not want to leave my Grandmother (no regrets there) she was wonderful. There was never any money but lots of love and she taught me about JESUS AND GODS LOVE.

 My dad just drank, I think that is all he knew party and drink fight and get into trouble. He was in prison at one time and jail numerous times

I loved him. And he was good to us kids he was never abusive to us, but he never provided for us all the money went into his drinking he would disappear for weeks on end and come home broke and sick.

I had a baby brother who was given up for adoption and a sister raised by my Aunt and Uncle and another sister adopted off. Me and my sister Joyce managed to stay together with my Grandparents.

 In 2001 I found another sister.Idid not know exsisted. Today we are best friends. I am also friends and sister to my brother now. I located him back in 1990.That is another story.

My mom kept in touch best she could. She moved on and remarried and had 3 more children. We got to visit her in Houston Texas once. Found out her new husband was a mean drunk also, with the exception that he worked very hard to provide life was not to much different, other than he hated Joyce and I.

We finally had to go live with my mom when I was 13, We could no longer take dad's drinking and my Grandmother was not able to take care of us.  Life went crazy from there. We moved to Houston Texas and went wild, got in with every wrong crowd.

 Finding a place to fit in was impossible for me, so I turned to bikers and drugs and running my mom crazy. I hated her husband and he hated me, she walked on eggshells around him so as not to sit him off, which never worked. I ran away time and time again. I ended up in Calif.

 Long way from Miss. I married their and lived there for 8 years had two wonderful boys by my husband there but he did not want to give up the drugs and his Harley so we split. I went to NC where my mom and her 3rd husband lived.

yea she got away from her abusive husband and stayed away and had a good life.

As I went to NC, my ex went to prison, he manage to flip out on crank and kill someone,THANK GOD I HAD LEFT!!!!
I left but I had not learned to much met my 2nd husband in NC.

He put me thru 10 years of HELL. We had two children TWINS boy and a girl, that was a blessing they are wonderful kids or adults today. Details of that marriage in my domestic abuse page.

After being crazy for soooo many years, I found sobriety and I have a wonderful husband of 10 years.

That's me in a small nutshell!